London, 3rd and 4th October 2018


Introductory Remarks

The symposium will bring together pharmaceutical company end users, suppliers, regulators and academics to look at accelerating adoption of continuous manufacturing for both small molecules and biologic products and how research groups, globally, might collaborate more to help drive this.  This is an enormous opportunity to guide the way in which new technologies and new approaches in the pharmaceutical industry can transform quality, cost and service for the benefit of the patient.

ISCMP 2018 is a non-profit event.


  • Continue and accelerate implementation based on progress made since 2014 Symposium
  • Provide practical guidance based on real case studies
  • Identify remaining gaps and develop appropriate solutions and next steps
  • Continue to engage key stakeholders (academic, industry and regulators)
  • 2014 White papers and 2016 symposium output can lay the foundation of a future ICH guideline



  • Small Molecules
  • Bioprocessing
  • Vendor Perspective
  • Supply Chain Implications
  • Regulatory